Connecticut Roads - CT 130

CT 130

All but one photo are westbound.

The ugly duckling is at 5th St. in Bridgeport. It can never be a swan.

Here's the lone eastbound photo (of course the only one with the sun favoring me), at Seaview Ave. (I-95 Exit 29).

The 1929 Yellow Mill Channel bridge.

Shortly thereafter, the 1975 Stratford Avenue Bridge over the Pequonnock River. You can see the clock tower of Bridgeport Superior Court on the left of the first photo.

Looking south across Baldwin Plaza, a randomly cleared patch of land that isn't quite a park.

The only ground-level button copy at this interchange.

Structures in decreasing order of impressiveness: St. John's Church, Klein Memorial Auditorium (Art Deco style from 1940), and a random girder trestle that's getting replaced with concrete.

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