Connecticut Roads - CT 123

The above type of shield was only ever found near CT 15 (Merritt Pkwy.), and usually were in fact for 15 itself. This was taken in the 1970's by Michael Summa.

The SB end at US 1, which hasn't gone east-west since the 1980's and only ever did so in this state. There's another EAST US 1 just off the photo to the left - I intentionally cropped it because I have it on my US 1 page.

NB at US 7 just after leaving Main St. (old 7).

SB back past US 7 to Main St. again. Two lanes turn left onto the old US 7 even though CT 123 SB continues to the right. It must have to do with the freeway exit having changed traffic patterns.

SB in New Canaan approaching the Merritt Pkwy. in 1969, and NB at the Parkway in 1970, both courtesy Michael Summa. Again, there's that outline-style shield, this time completely out of touch with the actual state outline. It looked a lot less yellow when it was fresh. In 1969, CT Turnpike shields were still plentiful, perhaps moreso than I-95 shields at least as far as trailblazers were concerned. Notice that the Merritt Parkway trailblazer takes into account both the TO and the arrow, whereas the Turnpike shield lacks such a feature but does have a fully rotatable arrow.

SB in New Canaan.

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