Connecticut Roads - CT 113

CT 113

All photos are northbound, which I need to define as "starting from the less northerly route terminus."

New pushbutton, but old assembly? Just keep the old sign. This is, or at least was, on the northwest corner at Honeyspot Rd., where CT 113 "northbound" is heading southeast. It gets worse.

CT 113 passes Long Beach Blvd. and gets to Access Road. Access Rd. cuts across the airport at a slightly northward tilt, ending at Main St./CT 113. But that's not good enough. CT 113 turns right here to really head south and loop through Lordship. Miss the turn, go straight, and you get to CT 113 2½ miles and 5 minutes sooner.

One long loop later, I'm nigh on Sniffen the east end of Access Rd. But first, here's an apparently nonfunctional signal. All this stuff has since been removed. (The pedestrian post is on the left/west, all else is on the right/east.)

I think this crosswalk signal is still there, though.

West is both ways, and I'm on East 130. No. Try again, ConnDOT. (Or is this Stratford's fault?)

The World War I Memorial to Peace is in the median of West Broad St. just west of CT 113, and this stately manse is on the northwest corner.

And when it floods, Stratford offers more in the middle of the ocean.

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