Connecticut Roads - CT 110

As CT 110 SB ends at US 1 SB, I-95 begs for attention in the median of this elongated circle with a reconstruction to add full left and right shoulders. The overpass and approaches are ready but the abutments (the part the bridge rests on) are still being finished.

Heading north from there to the beginning of CT 113 and a 1956 Thunderbird.

NB under the Merritt Parkway, always a source for unique architecture.

SB in the same place, and a helicopter just to the north. That's on one of Sikorsky's properties in their headquarters area, and this one in particular may explain why CT 15's Housatonic River bridge is named Sikorsky.

US 8 is reached via Coram Rd., but keep heading north to find CT 8. That's not right. Coram Rd. leads to a complete interchange at CT 8 (Exit 13), while CT 110 only has a half-interchange to the north at Exit 14.

CT 110 SB, then turning right onto Kneen St. to access the Exit 14 entrance ramp, and ending with the reverse photo on Kneen St. NB. The CT 110 BGS is a hodgepodge of reuse, with a visible "Housa" (tonic?) behind the arrow and "Griswo" (ld) above Waterbury. Clearly, the panels were chopped from different signs, and the "8 North" on top is on a newer substrate.

Pass the shield atop this page (at White St.) and stop to read both signs of the historical sign on the north side of town.

CT 110 NB ends.

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