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MA 11 doesn't live here.

CT 11 is not complete yet; it is supposed to extend south to I-95 in the vicinity of I-395, perhaps even at the same interchange. Unlike other freeway plans in Connecticut, CT 11 still has a good chance of being extended, because there are few people in the way and a desire on Connecticut's part to boost tourism along the eastern shore. Because the incomplete end is the southern end, I'll start in the north:

The first southbound sign is right as CT 11 SB splits from CT 2 EB.

Southbound traffic is forced off Exit 4, but pavement continues southward briefly. Visit the CT 82 page (link at bottom) for a few more photos of the southern end of CT 11, including the bridges across 82 that carry no traffic (but may someday).

Looking southward from CT 82 at the embankment on which the proposed northbound lanes sit.

Sitting on the paved but closed northbound lanes, looking south at CT 82 below.

Compare the Exit 6 signs heading north with those heading south. No longer is traffic directed to either CT 85 or CT 354. On the other hand, the Colchester Business District isn't signed in the southbound direction. CT 2 EB only makes sense signed this way; the NB movement to EB 2 involves surface roads and traffic lights, since it's assumed shore traffic heading eastward would use I-95 and I-395 instead. CT 11 NB flows seamlessly into CT 2 WB just past Exit 6, and then traffic continues on to Hartford.

Exit 18, of course, is on CT 2 WB. CT 11 merges in from the left, and traffic has just under a half mile to cross two lanes for CT 16, but most of the time there's not enough traffic to make this too difficult.
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