Connecticut Roads - CT 109

All photos are eastbound except the next one. Bring a baseball bat if you head that way and rid the world of the above mistakes. Note that I don't typically condone violence, but these shields have it coming.

The end of a WB concurrency. No bats needed in this direction.

A short run through East Morris, where there's a much more scenic shield. Bats down.

CT 109 touches down at US 6 in southern Thomaston and then immediately splits again, only to end a few blocks later at CT 254. US 6 trades Watertown Rd. to CT 109, using Pine Hill Rd. to get onto CT 8, although US 6 WB traffic is better off going straight onto Watertown from its exit and using CT 109 instead. Keeping CT 109 around is one way to solve the issue of keeping both directions of US 6 traffic on the state highway system, although I'd just as soon simply split 6 EB and 6 WB onto the respective streets. Maybe CT 109 could be signed in the opposing directions that don't make sense for US 6 through traffic. The CT 8 shield is the oldest MA-style shield I've encountered, and the CT 254 shield looks like the widest error I've encountered (they should all be squares).

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