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US 85

All photos on this page courtesy Michael Summa and date to the 1980's. I don't have exact years north of Denver.

The short route of C-18, looking north at Exit 173 of I-25 which also happens to be carrying US 85, taken in 1985.

C-67 SB leaving US 85 in Sedalia and US 85 SB leaving Sedalia, 1983.

US 85 NB/US 6 EB in Commerce City leaving C-2 in the early 1980's and heading toward I-76. The third photo (C-224 assembly) was taken in 1981, and the other two were taken in 1981. The heavy strokes of the numerals on the cutout shields probably date them into the 1950's, according to Michael, while the distance sign is made of wood and definitely dates back that far.

NB in the early 1980's and the corresponding SB offramp in the late 1980's, Ft. Lupton.

SB leaving Platteville and NB in the middle of the town in the mid-1980's, then SB "near" Platteville in 1978.

SB in the early 1980's (first photo 1981) through Peckham, Gilcrest, and Houston.

NB from Peckham to La Salle in the early (first 2 photos) and late 1980's. Click on the third photo for Michael's study of how button copy creates shadows.

Just off US 85 in La Salle in the 1980's. It's not faded, it's yellow.

SB in Greeley, late 1980's. There's more on the C-263 page, linked below.

NB in Greeley in the 1980's; the sign is old enough to be Scotchlite.

SB in 1990 and Weld CR 74 WB in that town in the 1980's, one of the former C-5's and this sign may date to when it was still C-5 (from around 1940 until 1955). Michael wants you to know that the highest paved road in North America is now designated C-5, up the side of Mt. Evans.

NB through Ault starting in 1979, then a poorly designed C-shield missing a black horizontal line in 1978 at the intersection itself, finishing up leaving town in the late 1980's.

Same place but SB, late 1980's.

SB from Nunn (mid 1980's) into and through Pierce (late 1980's).

NB in Nunn, late 1980's (first 2 photos) and mid 1980's. In case you're wondering why I'm always so specific about the photo years, it's because once I make this webpage I ditch the original info, so I want to record it all here.

SB from the border past Rockport, first photo sometime in the 1980's and the others in the late '80's.

Coming back NB in the mid-, late, and just plain 1980's. There seems to be more color entering Wyoming than there was entering Colorado.

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