Colorado Roads - US 50, 6, 287

US 50, 50/6, 50/287

All photos on this page courtesy Michael Summa.

Old US 6/50, Hay Canyon Rd. leaving Utah and heading toward Mack, 1984.

Leaving Grand Junction, the newer style (taken in 1983) clashes with the older (taken in 1984).

EB at C-141 outside Grand Junction. 141 also duplexes straight ahead. What, do you see something different in the photo? Well, maybe when Michael photographed this in 1984, it was still C-146, but then 141 snuck up and took it over. Before 1970, C-146 didn't even make it down this far (and thus couldn't have been taken over); it ended at B 1/2 Rd., a county road that was then C-340.

US 50 EB and US 285 SB split up in Poncha Springs, 1988.

You won't see these 1960's white signs with their stretched shields (24" x 36" instead of 24" x 30") anymore because this now an interchange, not an intersection. The old piece of US 50 on which this was taken is still there, but there's nothing but a grassy stub to the right; the interchange was constructed a couple hundred feet to the north sometime after 1989 (when the photo was taken).

Old US 50/287 continue straight and then bump left at C-196 (which uses the east and north legs), but the new route bypasses that. You could possibly use the early 1960's US 287 shield to date when the bypass was built. Photo taken in 1989.

One more 1989 photo with 1960's shields - or maybe even 1950's! I have revised my estimate based on the older but modern-style US shields on the left overhead sign, which appear to be late 1960's into early 1970's (based on the shape of the 50); shields usually last longer than ten years.

EB/NB with US 385, late 1980's.

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