Colorado Roads - US 385, 287/385

US 385 and 287/385

All photos on this page courtesy Michael Summa.

NB in 1989. Both are duplex photos, but the white guide sign predates the designation of US 385 here in 1959. The cutout shields aren't much newer (if at all) than that.

The two corners of Lamar, looking south in 1989 at the beginning of the long 287/385 duplex with shields that haven't stood the test of time, and then east of town on the US 50 duplex in the late 1980's.

SB on the multiplex with US 40 EB in 1985, but both destinations are for US 385.

SB in 1990.

NB and SB north of I-70, 1990 and 1988.

US 36 EB leaves US 385 NB near the Kansas border, then heading SB from the other end of the duplex, both in 1988.

In 1985, this original 1968 (or so) NB shield is already looking pretty poor. That's alright, because four years later this became C-23 to match NE 23, as soon as the old gravel 23 became Ouray CR 23A.

SB, all at the I-76 interchange, in 1976. The lack of center stripe, but originally apparently somewhat longer than 3 miles, appears to date into the 1950's when this was C-51, not yet US 385.

SB and NB from the same interchange in 1987, by which time I bet the center striping was complete.

SB in 1976, a wooden sign that dates to when the road out of Nebraska was C-166 for all of four miles. That's why there's no multiplex of US 385 to the left - it didn't exist yet. Well, it had existed until 1934 on a different alignment, now US 87.

Entering the state in 1987.

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