Colorado Roads - US 36

All photos on this page courtesy Michael Summa. The one above was taken in the late 1980's.

WB leaving Estes Park in the late 1980's. The first photo is at Tunnel Rd., former C-66. C-66 actually existed in two disconnected segments once US 36 was extended, with a de facto multiplex along 36 until this part was decommissioned.

EB at the same intersection with former C-66, again in the late 1980's. The "COLO" inside the shields harkens back to the 1960's, but is newer than that and just a way not to confuse drivers. Now both directions are former 66.

EB through Estes Park in 1978, where US 36 bumps off 34 after having begun at it a few miles west, to the beginning of C-66 in Lyons in the late 1980's, where C-7 follows US 36 but is unsigned. The right BGS in the first photo and the white sign in the second photo are both 1960's vintage.

US 36 WB past C-7 to US 34 in the late 1980's. When the Estes Park city limits expanded to include these two intersections, the button copy was simply pried off the sign. That is one of the only advantages button copy enjoys over reflective lettering.

Same phenomenon, same time frame, C-7 NB at US 36 in Estes Park.

WB in Boulder and Lyons in the late 1980's, the second photo specifically dating to 1987.

I-70 WB with US 36... and US 40, and US 287 NB. The old road is mostly but not entirely there, so to play it safe all the routes bunch up together. First photo was 1982, second was 1987 at the end of the WB Exit 306 ramp to C-36.

Leaving I-70 and heading east, 1985 and 1987 respectively. In the opposite situation from Estes Park, when the Byers city limits expanded, instead of removing the lettering a second arrow was stuck on the sign (the one along 36). To the right is old US 36 West, now the beginning of C-36.

EB and WB at C-71 in Last Chance in 1987.

WB outside Kirk in 1988. That's not "TO."

WB starting at US 385 in 1988. Those town names look like you could make a sentence out of them.

EB, the beginnings of said sentence in Anton and then back to the split with US 385 NB, again in 1988.

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