Colorado Roads - US 287

All photos on this page courtesy Michael Summa. The one above was taken in the mid-1980's north of former (then-current) C-68 in Fort Collins.

SB at US 50 (Michael says this sign was a half mile from the actual junction), then NB from there to Eads, all in 1989. The US 50 bypass of this intersection was under construction at the time, extending dualization to the east and turning this into a trumpet interchange.

NB at the beginning of the long duplex in 1989. That's all on its own page, linked below, so I skip across Denver to continue below.

NB in the late 1980's; the second sign was at C-42 and the third sign was at C-52. Michael actually found the C-52 sign relocated to a detour on 95th St., 1 mile to the west.

SB in Erie, same time frame.

NB in the late 1980's and then at C-66 in the mid-'80's. Underneath the C-119 shield is a COLORADO 119 square.

SB in the mid-'80's, with C-60 beginning to the left as you may be able to see in the background.

Old embossed state signage south of Loveland on an old alignment, and the current alignment SB from C-402, both in the 1980's.

The beginning of the route from US 287 at the southern edge of Loveland in the late 1980's.

Turned back around NB in the late and mid- 1980's.

NB past C-68 on the southern side of Fort Collins in the late 1980's. The third photo is the same sign that's atop the page, but got knocked down shortly before Michael came around the second time.

SB, same place, same time, another knocked down sign. Anything related to C-68 is a historical photo now.

Congrats, you've chosen the right route! This was taken in 1978, a response to the gas crises of the 1970's by encouraging people to carpool. Nowadays, carpooling is slightly more official than the hitchhiking this Fort Collins sign encourages.

NB at Prospect Rd. in the late 1980's and Mulberry Ave. WB in the early 1980's, Fort Collins. C-14 merges into Prospect Rd. to the east.

Signs from the southeastern C-14/US 287 junction: SB in 1979, NB in the mid-1980's, and facing southeast along the railroad that crosses just north of the intersection in the mid-'80's. Of course, no one replaced signs back then anyway, but your best chance for very old highway signs will always be in places not maintained by a highway department.

Skipping the C-14 duplex (signed entirely "TO 14", but very much a duplex), SB past Larimer CR 72 (Owl Canyon Rd.) in 1979. Check the C-14 page (big link at bottom) for duplex photos.

Former C-200 (now Larimer CR 74E), the impeccably named Jackass Rd., EB at US 287 and then turning left onto US 287 at The Forks, 1979 and 1981 respectively.

NB nearing the Wyoming state line and then SB at it, 1979. Like old Mass. Pike signs, no agency signs arrows through objects anymore, whether it's a Pilgrim hat, a pine tree, or a route shield.

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