Colorado Roads - US 24

All photos on this page courtesy Michael Summa, and all but the last two were taken in 1983. The one above was taken between Colorado Springs and Limon.

EB approaching Colorado Springs. It appears that all of the glass reflectors are yellow except the ones around the border of the white part of the sign. Many of which have fallen out or off.

Could be S. Wahsatch Ave. NB at Colorado Ave. I know it was in Colorado Springs after US 24 moved around the south side of the city via I-25. This sign was very poorly arranged and may explain why CO dropped the paddle signs.

EB past C-94 to an older distance sign at Elbert Rd.. I would guess the black-on-white signs predate button-copy distance signs.

Still in Calhan then. Gone now. Was EB.

I could guess this is wooden, based on Michael's captions of similar signs, but I won't guess. It was WB leaving Simla.

EB in 1989 and WB at the state line in 1990.

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