Colorado Roads - US 160

US 160

All photos on this page courtesy Michael Summa until the end.

This is your only taste on this website of US 666. 666 NB/160 EB entering and SB/WB leaving Cortez in 1988.

EB, all at the same intersection, 1989 (the middle photo is "late '80's" but if all the others are 1989, that one probably is too). The old narrow US shields are equal to the age of the button copy. What is unusual is that the US 287 and US 385 shields have their numbers centered, while most shields of that age looked like the US 160 and left room for "US" on top after it had been removed.

WB at the same location, same year, just south of Springfield.

This 1960's or late 1950's era shield is in my collection. Notice the patch over the 1 and 6, covering up what was probably a gash wound or bullet hole. It's actually made of metal itself, and the numbers are painted onto it.

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