Colorado Roads - US 138, 138/385

US 138 and 138/385

All photos on this page courtesy Michael Summa.

In Sterling, where US 138 begins, in 1981. I believe this is Front St. NB curving into 2nd St. east of downtown.

US 138 WB ending at US 6, also in 1981. Holyoke is via US 6 East, and Denver is of course to the west. I have never before seen a distance sign (without arrows) used for destinations in opposite directions at or near a junction.

EB/SB as the multiplex begins just before a railroad overpass, then looking west from that overpass. Old-time cable guiderail in 1987.

Looking north at the old barrier of that same bridge.

Cedar St. SB in Julesburg, where the multiplex broke up in 1987. The railroad crossing in the background was removed, and there's now a new diamond interchange on the east side of town where US 385 can safely leave US 138 and cross above the railroad. Straight ahead was C-51 until US 385 came up this way in 1959; the link to NE was C-166, so there had been no duplex before then.

Onto US 385 alone

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