Colorado Roads - Misc. Photos


In my personal collection.

All other photos on this page are courtesy Michael Summa.

Leaving the Red Rocks Amphitheater in 1978 with a bonus non-pentagonal county shield.

Bunches of button copy: C-13 NB (1984), C-79 NB leaving Bennett (1987), C-86 EB (1987), C-170 WB at C-93 (mid 1980's), C-392 EB (early 1980's).

C-105 NB and SB outside Monument at the El Paso County line. It becomes Perry Park Road for awhile and then another section of C-105 begins, so except for state maintenance the route number could be continuous. These are both taken in 1983, but the SB white sign is much older. A few states other than MA experimented with paddle signs, and clearly CO was one of them. Also clearly, that's a 1967 shield overlaying a COLORADO 105 on a sign designed to 1950's specs.

Not button copy, but a rarity on C-86 EB leaving Castle Rock. Four distances for a single route, even though Limon is past the end via I-70.

"1986, somewhere on a city street in Brush."

Weld CR 74 EB entering Severance in the mid 1980's.

1950's style and wooden, knocked down on a back road in Saguache County in the mid-1980's. Michael's friend was lucky to find this, because once an old sign is down, it's as good as gone.

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