Colorado Roads - Larimer County

All photos on this page courtesy Michael Summa. The one above was taken in 1979 on C-392 WB from Weld Co.

Somewhere around Main St. in Timnath (Larimer CR 5) was this yellow stop sign all the way up to the late 1980's. Michael comments that Larimer County was nice enough to leave it next to the new one for a size comparison.

An old abandoned stretch of US 87 NB off of Larimer CR 82 by I-25 Exit 288 in the mid 1980's. Now US 87 is on I-25 all through the state. The path of the old highway follows the east side of the railroad that heads west to Norfolk and then comes back to I-25 again by the Wyoming border.

C-28, a dead route, WB at the Bellvue line and EB leaving Bellvue in the mid 1980's. It was a short spur off US 287/C-14, but then US 287 was rerouted around Laporte, and rather than extend C-28 up one of the two legs of old US 287 in that city, CDOT just killed it. The attraction in Bellvue was a state fish hatchery, but that wasn't enough to save state highway access.

C-56 EB, year unknown.

Former C-400 NB leaving Ft. Collins in the late 1970's. This style of truck dates to the 1950's.

Larimer CR 19 NB "about 8 miles north of Ft. Collins," 1978.

Larimer CR 60 WB after crossing from Weld CR 96. Considering some old US highways are still unpaved (see C-40), it's no surprise the counties still haven't gotten to all of their roads.

Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, mid-1980's.

Some more old signals in the mid-1980's, but not at intersections. The first was a railroad crossing signal that Michael Summa believes was in Loveland, and the second was in a driver's ed lot in Fort Collins.

Linden St. in northeast Fort Collins, 1981, "long gone" and replaced by a modern concrete bridge with no style.

1. Don't swim if you're an alien because you don't know how.
2. Don't swim because you'll turn into an alien.
3. The water is caustic and will burn off your ears, nose, and hair.
4. The Bowling Ball-Penguin Man will get you.
5. You're darn right that's no swimming, there. That's flailing.
6. No returning from the dead to swim.
7. No doing the YMCA dance, either.
8. Reverse racism at work - keep the white man out of the water.
9. "I bring you peace. I bring you love....I don't bring you swimming."
10. Water drains on the hour, every hour, and will take you with it.
11. No swimming in the milk, you're lactose intolerant. (Thanks to Sam H. for inspiration.)
12. Not here; this pond is undead only. But your brains look tasty anyway. (Thanks to Eric Bryant for inspiration.)
13. This is where the government drowns aliens. If you swim here, they'll have to hush you up too. (Thanks to Scott Nazelrod for inspiration.)
14. Your caption here.

By the way, this photo is a typical sign in Loveland in the mid 1980's.

Former C-68
US 34
US 287
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