Colorado Roads - I-76, 76/US 6

(and US 6)

All photos on this page courtesy Michael Summa. The one above was taken in 1981 just east of Exit 115.

The only westbound photo, with what looks like one original sign, taken in 1983. The sign on the right may have been original, in which case the C-2 shield replaced a COLORADO 2. The reason I'm not sure is because there's a border around it, but not around the clearly original pull-through BGS. (Also, Colorado started off its highways with a sequential exit numbering system, and the exit number appears to be original to the tab. But that's again just speculation.)

C-7 WB leaving Exit 25, early 1980's.

Definitely an original BGS, eastbound in the mid 1980's. This one required little work, because the sequential exit number was 13.

US 34 and former US 6 EB nearing Ft. Morgan, 1986.

EB in 1986 on a bicycle, which apparently was (if not still is allowed) here in Brush even though there are parallel routes that wouldn't be as dangerous. One of the principal rules of Interstates - no non-motorized traffic. Forgive Michael his trespass (legitimate though it was), because he brings you original signs that either lacked exit tabs or had button-copy sequentially numbered exits that were then torn off to make way for these. When that change was made, the FHWA still hadn't come up with the concept of right-justifying exit tabs for right exits. US 6 used to head west from here as well, along what's now US 34 SPUR and then duplexing with 34 through Brush. Also, this is no longer an A-B exit - the loops from either direction of I-70 have been removed to make it a 6-ramp exit for improved safety on both mainline and intersecting road.

An odd choice of next destination, EB right around the location of the header photo and in the same year. Why not Sterling?

EB in 1979. Clearly the old exit number was replaced with the mile-based one.

Onto US 6 alone

Exit 16 to C-2
Exit 31 to C-52
Exit 90 to C-71
Exit 90A or 92A to US 34
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