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All photos on this page are courtesy Michael Summa and historical, except for two modern ones I'll call out in the middle. The one above is east of Agate with US 40 and 287 along for the ride, taken in 1983.

WB in 1983, with an original BGS that had the old sequential exit numbering scheme on it along with the original shields. That was Exit 5. US 50 used to stay with US 6 here, but for some reason it joins I-70 while 6 stays on the surface.

One EB photo from way out west, 1984.

WB in 1979 from Vail westward and off the Exit 171 ramp. As you'll see on this page, it's rare for the US routes to be signed along with the Interstate, especially this one. And it's even rarer for it to still be a cutout by then. I believe the covered town is Avon - later exits were probably judged to work better. US 24 used to head west with US 6 out to US 50, but now it ends here where US 6 drops off of I-70 for a bit.

Great buttons, but no location, taken in the mid-1980's (so I don't have a year either). It's west of Denver, possibly in Vail - there aren't a lot of exits on I-70 that aren't just straight diamond ramps. If it helps you find it for me, there is/was a McDonald's inside the ramp ("was" is more likely).

EB Exit 198 and 205 ramps, 1988 and 1983.

EB at Exit 216 as US 6 returns after breaking free to use the old Loveland Pass, and then facing westward a short distance east of there. Although the US 6 sign isn't button copy, it has the old details of a numeral low in the sign and a tapered arrow. The second sign shows that US 40 has been along for the ride the whole time, making the second photo a triplex.

From the Bakerville diamond at Exit 221 (no routes on the ground, but US 6 is with I-70) to C-103 WB leaving I-70 at Exit 240, both taken in 1988. In the background of the second photo's wooden sign is the I-70 EB onramp sign to Denver, missing both US 6 and 40.

Old shields and signs WB in the Idaho Springs area, starting in the mid-1980's. The flippy sign at Exit 234 (taken in 1988) gives trucks a chance to use either US 6 or US 40 - the 40 exit comes up soon, whereas US 6 is another 20 miles. The last photo is a little blurry but it's also the oldest photo in the run, dating to 1979 and showing original button copy from when this was Exit 44 (patched to the new number).

Photos off the route itself, all in 1988: Heading north from Exit 238, old US 6/40 (now Business I-70) at the old end of C-103 in Idaho Springs, north from Exit 248 at US 40, and

EB ditching first US 6 and then US 40, with the last photo at the bottom of the Exit 254 ramp as US 40 turns left and leaves I-70 for Denver. All are again from 1988.

Heading north from Exit 253 in Genesee Park in 1988.

From the vicinity of Exit 256 in 1988 looking west at one of the most scenic Interstates in the U.S.

All around Exit 259: EB and WB (on the ramp) in 1979 and nearing the end of C-26 WB in 1978.

WB through Denver with the old-style diagrammatic sign that may be made new again by the next MUTCD. The BGS's are from the mid and late 1980's, and the button copy speed limit sign is from 1978.

Westbound, modern, and courtesy Chris Pangilinan. The state name doesn't save these bubble shields.

For once, all the routes get signed at Exit 288, maybe because otherwise you'd have no clue how to follow them. The FHWA is now replacing diagrammatic signs with this up arrow style, so many years after CDOT was one of the only agencies to try it out (this photo dates to 1982). Other than, obviously, the Business route, all the routes are together for the second photo, taken in 1987 on the WB Exit 306 ramp to C-36 (which goes right and straight).

Older style at the bottom of the EB Exit 304 ramp, 1987.

"CDOT says this is an I-70 BUSINESS SPUR (unmarked)" says Michael. At least all the other routes are marked. The photo is at Exit 340 in Agate, taken in 1987, and from here I progress to the shield on the main I-70 page and trap you in an endless cycle.

If you're able to break out of the loop, continue with C-118 EB approaching I-70 Exit 354 in 1983. US 40/287 haven't left the freeway yet, but there's no I-70 signage to be found. If the shields were even older, say with "US" on top, then I could believe they predated the Interstate designation.

Leaving I-70 in 1985. What's missing from this sign is a very important piece of information: US 40 and 287 actually exit here to go through Limon with Business 70. Most signs try to keep the traffic on 70, but I think being correct is more important. If you really want traffic to stay on the Interstate, keep the routes there.

At the other end of Business 70, the WB Exit 363 ramp. See, here all the routes are correctly signed together, with the old-style low shields (and 2-digit width for US 287) and old-style small banners. And this photo was taken as late as 1987!

Business Spur I-70 (unsigned) NB in 1989 where it ends at US 24 in Vona, and Rose Ave. WB at I-70 Exit 438 in 1986, also nearing US 24.

Staying near Rose Ave., the first two photos are on the near and far sides of the WB Exit 438 ramp, and the second photo is one ramp farther at Exit 437.

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