Colorado Roads - C-9

State Highway C-9 and former C-9/US 6

All photos on this page are courtesy Michael Summa, and all were taken in 1988 except for one.

SB and NB south of Breckenridge. I bet that town is exactly 10,000 feet up. Doesn't that seem logical and reasonable?

Between Breckenridge and Frisco, NB and SB respectively.

NB in Frisco at the junction of old US 6 in 1988. This is probably heading north from Main St. Dillon was along the old multiplex (east of the current one on US 6), and Denver is reached via US 6 from there. My educated guess would be that there was a line across this sign with a third destination for C-9.

Along old US 6/C-9 by Dillon Reservoir, Dillon Dam Rd. The first photo is wooden and EB/NB. The second harkens back to the old designation of the road, where C-9 unsurprisingly took a back seat to US 6.

C-9 and US 6 exit I-70 together at Exit 205 and then part ways, only having been together as a marriage of convenience to avoid Dillon Reservoir. Photo taken in 1983.

SB at the north end of the multiplex in Silverthorne and NB heading away from there.

End of the road, NB in Kremmling.

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