Colorado Roads - C-72

State Highway C-72

All photos on this page courtesy Michael Summa.

C-93 SB past C-170 in the early 1980's.

Gilpin County is very tiny, so small it only has five towns in it. They're all along C-119, but C-72 (here NB in the mid 1980's) manages to clip a corner.

C-72 and C-119 NB ride a mile or two together up to Nederland. If the C-72 shield looks older, it's because it was brought this way in 1968 to take over C-160 (which conflicted with US 160). So that's very likely an original shield there in the late 1980's, or at most replaced once in the interim. The button copy town entry photo dates to 1978.

SB at the other end of the duplex. C-72 SB leads straight into C-119 NB.

2nd St. WB in Nederland, one of the five legs of the northern junction of C-72 and C-119, 1978. Old white wooden signs like this date to the 1960's at the latest and usually have patched COLORADO shields underneath. This intersection was recently redone into a roundabout.

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