Colorado Roads - C-71

State Highway C-71

All photos on this page courtesy Michael Summa.

Rare white-on-black button copy, NB nearing Limon in 1987.

The old railroad crossing of C-71, facing north in 1987 in Limon where C-71 once continued bearing right onto the multiplex. The one-piece sign, button copy, and old low-justified shields are all gone now, along with the entire 1000 feet of the old crossing.

Leaving the quintuplex on that old alignment, 1985.

SB at the other end of the multiplex in 1987 (first photo) and 1983 (second), and facing NB from that spot in the mid-'80's (third). Even though the standalone 3-digit shields were all narrow, they were extra-wide on signs to make up for it.

One quintuplex photo for fun, also showing Business Loop I-70 is here. No surprise it's not signed as well as the other routes, since you can just follow one of them instead. EB, 1987.

SB and NB at the same county line, 1987.

SB in 1987. Last Chance was so named because it had been travelers' last chance to refuel and stock up on supplies heading east from Denver on US 36 (or its predecessor trail) all the way across Kansas to historic St. Joseph, MO (home of the Pony Express).

US 34 multiplex photos from Brush in 1986: EB/SB, NB/WB, and from County Road 29 SB right where the EB/SB multiplex breaks up.

Heading south from US 34 in 1981 to Woodrow in the mid-1980's.

SB at what I believe is CR U (certainly not I-76) in 1986. If I'm right, C-71 goes right and U goes left. Click for cutout closeup.

SB in 1979, then NB/WB in 1981. The SOUTH should be on top of the C-71, and there should be a TO on the C-52 to balance.

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