Colorado Roads - C-52

All photos on this page are courtesy Michael Summa, starting with the one above in the mid-1980's.

Also in the mid-1980's, also EB at the beginning of the road.

Heading west from US 287 in the late 1980's and east from Fort Lupton in 1981. You may have noticed that US 287 is only five miles from the beginning of C-52, and Boulder would be seven miles beyond that. That's correct - use C-119.

A pair of Hudson photos. First, in 1979, Grape St. EB turns into Main St. and then ends at C-52, which comes down a diagonal past I-76 and settles onto Main St. here. Then, continuing east in the mid 1980's, C-52 passes old US 6 on Hudson Dr. (the current one is on I-76).

WB past C-79 itself in Prospect Valley.

A wooden sign photographed in 1979 that predates 1967 when the modern C-shield was adopted. This shield overlays a COLORADO 52 square, or perhaps a COLO 52 (that abbreviation lasted four years). I would guess SB (turning into WB) at Wiggins County Roads F and 5, the only place C-52 makes a hard right.

Because it turned 90 degress, C-52 comes back to I-76, and then multiplexes east to Fort Morgan. It then leaves to go into the city and comes north to cross I-76 yet one more time, in these 1986 photos.

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