Colorado Roads - C-40

State Highway C-40

All photos on this page courtesy Michael Summa. Like C-36 being old US 36, this was old US 40.

They tried their best, but it's still quite confusing when the old route has the same number as the current route. US 36 joins I-70 here as C-40 ends where it always has. Either the C-36 shield replaced an earlier generation of the correct size, or the entire assembly was built for WEST and EAST US 36 originally.

EB alongside I-70, which replaced the old US 40 and took the route designation from it (along with US 287), to one of the ends of C-40 at one of many crossing county roads in 1987. The old road appears to be almost entirely unbroken along I-70, at least up to Exit 354, but Matt Salek's website says there are four pieces designated as C-40 (all parts of former US 40). So, go back 20 years and tell me where this is, because I don't know when CDOT decided to drop certain pieces of the road.

C-40 ends, and the dirt trail formerly known as US 40 (and probably not paved even then) trails off into the distance, overwritten by I-70. This was also taken in 1987.

Heading south from I-70 Exit 322 in Peoria, 1987. This is the old highway here, but not C-40. This piece of highway is no longer state-maintained, so doesn't get a number. Of course, the sign dates to when it still was.

WB and EB leaving Deer Trail in 1983 and 1985 around the second state highway segment. The line is an older style of distance sign used to clue drivers that you have to turn off of the current road to get there. In this case, Burlington is reached via US 24 in Limon.

EB, 1987. The road heading into Agate probably isn't C-40, because this third segment is fairly short, but it may have been back then.

WB leaving Limon, 1987, quite possibly still on C-40 or else just at/past the end of it.

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