Colorado Roads - C-257

State Highway C-257

All photos on this page courtesy Michael Summa.

SB past US 34 outside Greeley in the early 1980's, then NB at 34 in the mid 1980's. There's no longer a STOP intersection here, not even an all-way stop, but an outright interchange. The SB distances, especially to Johnstown, assume following C-60 WB.

Just past US 34, here's US 34 Business, also in the mid-1980's, also at a STOP intersection that is now an interchange. This one is only a half-diamond, forcing traffic to use the actual US 34 to head to and from the west.

All WB in the mid-1980's on C-257 SPUR, heading away from Business US 34 and Greeley to join C-257 and head to Windsor. C-257 SPUR has been decommissioned, and to prove they mean it, CDOT completely closed off the western end of the road. The eastern end was lopped off to make it intersect Business 34 perpendicularly instead of coming in as a Y interchange (more or less a straight shot into Greeley).

NB in Windsor in the mid 1980's, then up to the end of the road at C-14 a few years later.

The first SB distance sign from C-14, taken in the early 1980's.

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