Colorado Roads - C-2

State Highway C-2

All photos on this page courtesy Michael Summa, from the mid-1980's unless I say otherwise.

6th Ave. EB at Colorado Blvd. in Denver. US 6/40 are on Colfax Ave. to the north. CO used the paddle signs at least into the 1960's, but clearly not up to the point they switched to the standard white on green scheme.

40th Ave. EB in Denver, as C-33 ends in 1988.

Taken in Commerce City in 1979, and my deductive prowess places these on E. 64th Ave. WB at C-2 just before it merges with US 6/85. The reason the WB sign says "TO" is because this part of C-2 was US 6 back when the sign was made, so mainline traffic would know they're not yet on US 85. Contrarily, traffic from 64th Ave. would only know that turning left would take them straight onto the duplex. I therefore agree with both signs, except for two points - this is the only stacked multiplex shield I've seen in Michael's collection, and the only square shield too.

SB, button copy in foreground and background (which becomes the foreground of the second photo), but only the crossbucks uses a long-abandoned color scheme. This part of C-2 was once US 6.

Somewhere in the vicinity of the northern Commerce City line, SB in the early (not mid) '80's.

SB at C-22, wooden and again the sign is from the 1960's at the latest. This sign was on C-51 when it was erected, because all of C-2 north of US 6 had originally been 51 before taking over that whole route. That leads to the next sign:

NB heading away from C-22 in the late 1980's, shortly before C-51 was canned. You may never see this route again.

The first SB distance sign on old C-51, leaving Brighton.

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