Colorado Roads - C-119

State Highway C-119

All photos on this page courtesy Michael Summa.

Old-style signals at the southern terminus of C-119, original SPUR 119, at US 6. An old tunnel was closed off and 119 was then rerouted over the spur.

NB with C-72, a recent addition that was brought along in 1968 to replace C-160 north of Nederland since its number conflicted with US 160). First photo was taken in the late 1980's, second in 1978.

NB distance signs leaving Nederlands in 1978 and Boulder in the late 1980's, respectively. The first sign should have a line between Boulder and Denver (in the old style) because Denver is reached via US 36. Also, notice the tiny "SEAT BELTS ?" triangle in the background.

C-119 SB in Boulder in the late 1980's. A pretty good guess would be with C-7 on Canyon Blvd. pointing down Folsom St. SB.

NB in the late 1980's. Underneath the C-119 shield is a COLORADO 119 square. Now C-119 no longer follows US 287 to 3rd Ave. in Longmont because the southern bypass was completed in 2003.

About a mile south (really west) of I-25 in 1983.

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