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Business US 85

All photos on this page courtesy Michael Summa.

The only non-Greeley photo on this page, NB on the next Business route to the south in the mid-1980's.

SB and NB at the southern city line in the late 1980's. No button copy SB, but the street name is a remnant of the pre-bypass days.

The two former mainlines meet in downtown Greeley. NB in the late 1980's.

SB and NB again at the northern city limits in the mid and early '80's. That's literally Hide the Powder River, a historical reference to early French trappers who were forced to bury gunpowder during a snowstorm. I don't know why snow made them do it, but anyway this is how society learns.

Michael tells me this is the northern end of Business 85 outside Greeley in the mid 1980's. If that's so, then this must be just past the merge with regular US 85 at O St., a chance for Business route traffic to weave to the right across fast-moving mainline traffic and make two right turns to get to the SB onramp. Or it's somewhere else, but I really can't do much with just a shield. Enjoy it for being old.

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