California Roads - Ventura Blvd./old US 101

, former US 101

Ventura Blvd. WB ends at Valley Circle Blvd. at the farthest western reach of Los Angeles.

US 101 does not have a West. US 101 only has a North and South. Doesn't matter that it's oriented E/W here. This is EB at Woodlake Ave. (I plead guilty to labeling Ventura Blvd. as E/W when it's old US 101, but since it doesn't have a route number anymore, I can consider it outside the context of the rest of the state.)

WB, NB (same place), EB street signs from roughly the 1950s.

Again? Ventura Blvd. is east-west. Ventura Freeway is east-west. But when US 101 is using it, 101 remains north-south. Done here.

Looking up Winnetka Ave. NB shows it's not just Ventura Blvd.'s problem.

EB at Tampa Ave. and WB on the other side of the interchange. This is okay because it doesn't imply US 101's directionality.

All EB for your enjoyment. The two Fultons are on opposite sides of the intersection, with the Ventura NB. The sign atop this page faces Longridge Ave. SB.

Through Studio City to just one more street blade.

Ventura Blvd. ends at Lankershim Blvd., seen here facing north under US 101/Ventura Fwy. The road and old US 101 continue ahead as Cahuenga Blvd.

Finally, a sign that's correct! But it took until Universal Studios Blvd. to find it, and the banners should be white instead of state-route green. And if there's 10-hour parking from 8 AM to 6 PM, can't you just park there forever? The first sign is WB at Fredonia Dr.

EB and WB photos of Caheunga Blvd. adjacent to US 101 both passing under the Mulholland Drive connector to Lakeridge Pl., with a bonus lamppost closeup. This bridge predates Ventura Freeway by over 20 years, originating as the east end of Mulholland Dr. at Cahuenga Pass in 1939. A short proto-freeway was built at that time flanking of the railroad that then used the pass, with a total of 12 lanes between that and Cahuenga Blvd. on each side. US 101 stayed on Cahuenga Blvd. when it split from Highland Ave. (now CA 170) and then turned east on Sunset Blvd.

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