California Roads - Old US 99 - Shasta Co. N of Shasta Lk.

Former US 99, Shasta County north of Shasta Lake

Photos progress southward.

Railroad Park Road east from I-5 Exit 728. Crag View is the old US 99 alignment.

Heading north as far as I can on the dead end, with Mt. Bradley keeping me company.

As I turn around, I grab a photo of what's left of this 1957 Studebaker Champion.

Heading south across Castle Creek on Main Street in Castella, which soon dead-ends in town. Castella needs to learn to speak MUTCD.

East and north views of the bridge.

Heading north from I-5 Exit 723, Sweetbrier Ave. takes a hard right where US 99 once went straight.

Down to Exit 718, Mears Ridge Rd. north over Mears Creek.

Back south over the creek and down to Shotgun Rd., a long alignment of old US 99 that ends here in a cul-de-sac with a trail ahead.

The trail doesn't stop me, but somewhere after Shotgun Creek, the end of pavement and anything drivable does.

Down to Gibson Rd., which crosses Boulder Creek SB as I-5 crosses over both of them.

I-5 is boring. Old US 99 is cool.

Gibson Rd., which may now be called Highland Lakes Rd. or even Eagles Roost Rd., continues along the Sacramento River. I-5 has another bridge ahead.

These photos sadden me. I told myself to follow Fenders Ferry Rd. to the overhead arch bridge. I found it in I-5 NB saw the Dog Creek bridge ahead, and figured I'd cross the creek and turn around. I missed the actual attraction, the even older and abandoned US 99 arch bridge around the next bend. I am sad. Cheer me up.

Back west, and looking at the consolation prize bridge of I-5 NB. Sigh.

Just a dumb sign with a dumb layout, Lakeshore Drive at I-5 Exit 702. Everything is dumb to me ever since I was dumb enough to miss that bridge.

Let's move on to a happier topic, the 1927 Doney Creek bridge. Supposedly the 1922 bridge is still down there, normally flooded by Shasta Lake, but I don't see it. Did I miss another one? Dang, now I'm not happier anymore.

Here's a northward view of the 1927 bridge. Just the 1927 bridge.

The views east and west along the creek, in most years an arm of Shasta Lake. Wait. What's that rectangular shape? Let me go back to my photo archive...

Happiness restored! Jubilation! The 1922 bridge is revealed!

The parallel railroad bridge across Doney Creek just east of old US 99.

Go one more bridge east and you'll find the green underdeck truss of I-5. Well, I found it in 2014. You won't find it now, because a much less interesting span is being built next to it, gradually replacing the existing bridge with a new and wider one. (You can see more construction photos on the I-5 SB page.)

Crossing under the same parallel railroad on Lakeshore Dr., then watching it cross another arm of Shasta Lake to the east.

Last but not least, the 1925 Charlie Creek bridge, seen southbound and (2 photos) northbound. Things get even more interesting after this, where the old alignment typically peters out into northwestern Lake Shasta. I highly recommend you continue south on old US 99 via the first big link below to see the exception to "typically."

Continue south on old US 99 into Shasta Lake
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