California Roads - US 66 - Huntington Dr./Foothill Blvd./Alosta Ave.
Huntington Drive
Foothill Boulevard
Alosta Avenue

Sure doesn't look like a Denny's to me. Recognize the roof shape? The windmill is just a red herring.

Arcadia attempted to make its own shields. They should have had an engineer do it. "At least they're cutouts" doesn't apply here. They're also meaninglessly (it's now a word) small.

EB entering Monrovia.

WB, same spot.

You may be thinking this is along the lines of the Denny's above. This pretzel shape is actually a one-off attempt by Mickey D's to evoke the original shape of the restaurant, with a sloping roof between two large golden arches. There's also a replica original logo in neon on the corner.

EB up to Highland Ave. in Duarte.

EB at and just past Mt. Olive Drive, which becomes I-605 to the south. Because there's no "1" in the number, I-605 won't fit in a standard CA 3-digit button copy shield, so it gets the next size up in 2 digits. The overhead has no such problem, but just about everything else has gone wrong. As for the speed limit, well, first of all, there's no other metric speed anywhere, and second of all, this is nothing close to the standard, which looks a lot closer to the international number in a circle for the metric measurement. That, and it would have to be either 60 or 65 km/h - soft conversion, not hard! (Otherwise, where's the decimal?) I'm confused what purpose this serves except to look tacky.

WB in the same spot, both shields get to be the same size.

EB at Irwindale Ave., which does lead to Irwindale. "Av." instead of the arrow would have been even more helpful.

Up to Barranca Ave. at the Azusa/Glendora border, with a view of the San Gabriel Mountains. Alosta Ave. has been overdubbed as "Route 66," but with the little historic shield pasted on the sign, it was certainly fine with its former name. After all, the actual US 66 made do.

Sunset Peak, to the east-northeast.

Looking west and east in Glendora.

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