California Roads - US 101/CA 1 - On Golden Gate Bridge

US 101/CA 1 on the Golden Gate Bridge

Photos are northbound until the very end.

Starting at the temporary Marina Blvd. intersection during Doyle Drive reconstruction; it was and is an interchange before and after 2014. (Previously, Marina Blvd. and US 101 merged westward onto Doyle Dr. Now it becomes Girard Rd. with a 3/4 diamond interchange missing the SB onramp.) Click the last image for a video drive through the reconstruction and across the bridge.

For those who prefer to drive through still photos, here are some afternoon photos. The bridge is maintained by the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway, and Transportation District, which cares naught for your standard fonts. Notice the undivided freeway with a few scant posts separating heavy traffic in both directions and various types of bridge lighting in the last photo. The posts are movable for additional lanes either way during rush hours, which you can see in the video.

Completing the drive with that font again.

This time I'm walking onto the bridge's east sidewalk, affording better views of things like plaques, piers, and towers.

San Francisco is known as a paradise for bicycle accommodations (despite the hills), but it's now gotten to the point that pedestrians have to either jump off the bridge or shove their children in the 3" space next to the fence. Poor people. Too far, I say.

The official bridge construction plaques on either side of the bridge's south tower. Since I got a better photo of the one on my side, click the second photo for a closeup to read all about the bridge's history and the names involved.

Walking back south to the parking area.

Before I leave the bridge, here's another dedication plaque done a little later. Click for a closeup of this one and to read the note on the bottom about a particular bronze disk in the road.

Golden Gate Bridge side views
US 101/CA 1 non-bridge photos, San Francisco-Sausalito
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