California Roads - US 101/CA 1 - Golden Gate Bridge side views

US 101/CA 1, Golden Gate Bridge side views

Starting from relatively far away, atop Twin Peaks on the 49 Mile Scenic Drive.

Still to the southeast but much closer, from Mason St. WB along Crissy Field.

Mason St. leads to the Battery East viewpoint along the Golden Gate.

I have now walked over toward Fort Point, the name of both the historic fort at the base of the bridge and the land on which it sits.

Getting as close as possible to the side of the bridge puts me on top of Fort Point.

The arched southern bridge approach from below and above the fort.

Starting in the south, looking up, then flipping to the north while standing on Fort Point. A highly recommended historical site for a bridge enthusiast, and you may even learn non-bridge information while you're there.

My walk briefly took me to the west side of the bridge for these photos as I head back to my car.

Before I get there, here's one more exhibit from the bridge, a girder cross-section that was tested for failure under seismic loading following the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake to design seismic retrofits for the bridge.

One final view from the southwest, from Baker Beach.

Over to the north side of the bridge, these photos are from the Vista Point rest area/bridge view just off the span.

From Conzelman Rd. to the northwest of the bridge, by Battery Spencer. San Francisco and the Bay Bridge to Oakland (left) are behind.

Views of the northern approach truss. It looks like there's a second deck, but it's all trusswork. There have been various proposals to add a second deck, whether for roadway or transit, but nothing materialized.

Looking south from Battery Spencer.

Closeups of various components of the bridge from there.

Driving west in the Marin Headlands to Hawk Hill, another noted point for views such as the below:

On the Golden Gate Bridge
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