California Roads - US 101

US 101

Facing south toward Los Angeles along the US 101 corridor, courtesy Christy Hodgson. The freeway is at the bottom left.

Hollywood Freeway NB
Ventura Freeway NB, Los Angeles-Calabasas
Ventura Freeway NB, Agoura Hills-Oxnard

SB, Oxnard-Calabasas
SB, Los Angeles

US 101/CA 1, Ventura-Santa Barbara
US 101/CA 1, Santa Barbara-San Luis Obispo
Santa Maria-Sunnyvale
Palo Alto-San Francisco
US 101/CA 1, San Francisco-Sausalito
 ~ On the Golden Gate Bridge
 ~ Golden Gate Bridge side views
Sausalito-Rio Dell
North of Rio Dell

Old US 101
 ~ San Diego CR S21
 ~ Ventura Blvd.
 ~ Business US 101, Ventura
 ~ CA 271
 ~ CA 254
 ~ CA 283

Sutter St. WB at Mason St., San Francisco. I appreciate both ways work, but don't make drivers make decisions. Also, it's a really cool sign.

Neither on the Golden Gate Bridge nor a side view, these can be found by the welcome center at Fort Point. Inside, you can discover touristy information and a shiny tower sculpture. Outside, I am sure this cross section is legitimately from one end of the 7,650' main cables, because you can see all 27,572 wires in its 36" diameter. (See all the touristy information you can learn?)

Into Oregon on US 101
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