California Roads - Sunset Blvd./US 66

A view to the east and west, respectively, of Brentwood and the LA skyline, from Sunset Blvd. at I-405.

Enjoy this old street sign.

Church Street SB and NB, respectively, at Sunset Blvd. just west of I-405.

Sunset EB and WB, respectively, at the entrance to I-405 SB.

The entrance to I-405 NB, and a closer view of the 2di-width shield.

Traffic during mid-afternoon on I-405 looking north and south respectively, at Sunset Blvd. Direction and time don't matter in terms of traffic on The 405.

Well to the east, in Silver Lake (Los Angeles still), famous Santa Monica Blvd. ends and the former route of US 66 briefly follows equally famous Sunset Blvd. (See the pink sign at the top of the page.) This building of unknown provenance is on the northeastern corner of that intersection.

Sister signs EB at Coronado St. and Echo Park Ave. Sunset Blvd. now ends with US 66; after the latter turns onto Figueroa St., the road straight ahead is Cesar Chavez Ave. That road took over several former streets, including what was once more of Sunset Blvd.

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