California Roads - Sundial Bridge

Sundial Bridge, Redding

Behold Redding's claim to fame as of 2004. This was originally supposed to be a simple $3 million pedestrian bridge across the Sacramento River, but morphed into a $23.5 million cantilevered, cable-stayed work of art designed by world-famous architect Santiago Calatrava. The sundial design has resulted in enough fame and tourism to more than offset the cost increase.

The experience walking north across the bridge on its glass walkway.

The view east along the river.

Since this is a roads page, I'll claim the view west is dominated by these old piers. I certainly noticed them, and a historical survey brought me no information. I have determined that this bridge did not yet exist in 1901 and had been removed by 1944, perhaps due to flood damage or a washout. It connected Newtown on the north to the east side of Redding.

Looking back south toward where I started.

The coolest part of this bridge is that it's an actual sundial... well, okay, any tall tower is technically a sundial. But this one does have certain spots marked to make it functional.

Various artistic views.

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