California Roads - Old US 99 - Siskiyou Co.

Former US 99, Siskiyou County

Photos progress southward.

Jefferson Rd. is the second-generation crossing of the Pacific Highway from Oregon to California. The first generation was farther west, along Hilt Rd. in Cole by the railroad, but it had moved here by the time it became US 99.

Jefferson Rd. SB at I-5 Exit 796. This was US 99 until 1941.

Heading north from I-5 Exit 793 on another old US 99 alignment, Bailey Hill Rd.

Turned around at the north dead-end. I-5 gets in the way of a lot of US 99 continuity.

Welcome to Hornbrook! You can turn here at Henley Hornbrook Rd. to get back to I-5, but you could also just turn around if you're destined to points north. Notice the clock with no hands.

Let's continue south on just plain Hornbrook Rd., that being US 99. As it gets into the dead-end section, the double-yellow centerline ends, and the decades-old white dashes appear from before yellow was a standard.

Also old: The eastern abutment of the former bridge spanning the Klamath River here at the south end. I can't tell whether it was public or private, but it appeared to have been a one-lane wood structure that disappeared in 2009-2010.

Back north on Hornbrook Rd.

Skipping CA 96 and CA 263 (see big links below), old US 99 finds itself on Business I-5 and CA 3 in Yreka, at 4-H Way. I hear Eureka? Well, Yreka?

Unlike CA 3, Fairlane Rd. is not Business I-5. CA 3 is on the west of I-5, Fairlane is on the east. However, old US 99 switches sides here (I-5 exit 773) and does follow Fairlane Rd. to the south.

This is as far as Fairlane Rd. goes. Well, it clearly goes farther, you're just not allowed to follow it there. It even seems to get better on the other side.

Shamrock Rd. NB at the other end of the gated closure. This stretch appears to now be inside the limits of a mining operation.

Down Shamrock Rd. (still old US 99) to I-5 Exit 770.

Stewart Springs Rd. (again old US 99) SB in Edgewood Junction, north of Weed.

CA 96
CA 263
Business I-5, Mount Shasta
Business I-5, Dunsmuir

Back north into Oregon on old US 99
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