California Roads - SFO

San Francisco International Airport

Heading west out of arrivals, all replaced now. The first two photos are left and right on the same gantry.

This button copy is all on the ramp from SFO to I-380 WB and US 101 NB (and San Bruno Ave. for rental cars), braiding with the I-380 interchange ramps to and from US 101 NB. I-380 is notable for not really connecting to anything (besides, obviously, I-280), but is the all-Interstate connection for the airport. Traffic going anywhere other than Daly City is just as well served by staying on the closer, more direct 101. First photo courtesy Lou Corsaro.

North Access Rd. had to be realigned to the north to accommodate the east end of I-380. This is EB where it curves south into a "T" intersection. North Access Rd. turns left back onto its original alignment and I-380 essentially begins to the right (though not officially until US 101).

North Access Rd. WB at its realigned end. Bearing left here gives you a chance to go straight onto the Airport Blvd. ramp to I-380/US 101 NB, so it's almost as good to head west as it is to head east.

Airport Blvd. NB at the same place. There is no left or U turn at the exit ramp from I-380 EB, but that old sign and the signal pole it was on have been removed.

Did I save the best for last? I at least saved the most daylit for last, left and right over the aforementioned entrance ramp from Airport Blvd. and one US 101 shield shy of intactness.

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