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San Diego

Street signs, street signs, STREET SIGNS! Last photo courtesy Lou Corsaro.

And now overhead street signs, with button copy, in Bonita. (It's just south of San Diego.)

Same thing in El Cajon, which is just east of San Diego.

This is what old street signs typically look like in San Diego proper. This one's on Midway Drive WB.

This variety is posted along 5th Ave. in the Gaslamp District. They may have started life as brown signs, but have weathered to green since.

19th St. NB at B St. Wouldn't "1 tons" include every motorized vehicle with at least four wheels? (I hear Geo drivers snickering. Yeah, but you're Geo drivers.)

1st Ave. NB past Maple St., crossing a small arroyo that interrupts the street grid.

Back to downtown, saving the best for last as usual. The first sign is on Harbor Drive at Hawthorn St., and the next is a block away on Grape St. EB as it leaves Harbor Dr. (The street that the old sign refers to is Belt St.) This isn't the only button copy one-way sign left in the city, but it's the only one I came across, and it's nice and close to the airport. In other words, if you like signs, this is your greeting to San Diego as an arriving tourist. Notice that the cutout arrow shape has been retained in the present version, which I vastly prefer to the plain rectangle as it reinforces the direction of the sign.

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