California Roads - Old US 99 - Riverside Co.

Former US 99, Riverside County

Photos progress southward, following I-10 east.

Calimesa Blvd. at Sandalwood Dr. in Calimesa, featuring US 99-era neon.

Cooper Dr. is a short dead-end north from Roberts Rd. in Calimesa. It quickly runs into I-10 and dies, but the cracked concrete should tell you that it used to be more: Calimesa Dr. is on the other side.

The view south shows the outline of a highway continuing straight into what's now Roberts Rd. Let's follow it.

Old US 99 can be followed to Cherry Valley Blvd., where it's closed as a useless dead-end that peters out at Desert Lawn Dr. From here, you'd have to walk.

6th St. EB in Beaumont, from Illinois Ave. to Highland Springs Ave. I hope the trees had those funky haircuts in the US 99 days also.

Americana in Banning.

Garnet Ave. gets more and more interesting as one proceeds east from Indian Canyon Drive in North Palm Springs, but only for 4,000 feet before it is cut off at I-10. Lest you try to drive straight off the end to follow US 99, there is a fence there.

One look westward, and then click for a jaunty video back over the old, unmaintained alignment.

Varner Rd., here seen heading west from Palm Dr., is the other side of I-10 from the end of Garnet Ave., allowing for an S-curve around Garnet Hill. The asphalt actually makes this in even worse shape.

A scenic panorama from west to east of the Little San Bernardino Mountains to the north and then back east to Palm Dr., capturing some old US 99 concrete along the way.

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