California Roads - Old CA 99/old US 99, Fresno

Old CA 99 (former US 99), Fresno

Photos progress southward.

Until 2015, the Astro Motel was south of Ashlan Ave. (now Exit 138). The motel and sign were demolished to shift the CA 99 freeway west to make way for high-speed rail, thus demonstrating that progress is bad and should always be opposed.

If this looks like the stub ending of a former ramp to you, you are not alone. Golden State Blvd. originally split as it got to California Ave., with the western branch feeding into D St. (the modern CA 99 freeway) and the eastern branch crossing the railroad to Broadway St. (original US 99) and downtown. US 99 originally used S. Cherry Ave. to cross the railroad, which has since been cut off. This and the corresponding NB ramp were removed shortly before I got there, between 2012 and 2014.

This lamppost is knowin' it's at Railroad and Belgravia Aves. Railroad Ave. was original US 99 before Golden State Blvd. (now the freeway) was built in the 1940s, but I don't know if the lamp is that old.

The classic Fresno sign should be easy to find once I give you this clue: it heads north from Railroad Ave. Click for neon (but unlit) closeup.

Modern CA 99

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