California Roads - Old US 99, San Diego

Former US 99, San Diego

Harbor Drive NB starting with the first sign off of the I-5 NB Exit 11 ramp, and then at Civic Center Dr.

Continuing NB on Harbor Dr., the first two photos are at Vesta St. and the last two photos are at CA 75, the San Diego-Coronado Bridge, looking west (CA 75 SB).

Harbor Dr. NB past the Padres' Petco Park (or whatever it's named when you read this) to the Marina district of San Diego. Harbor Dr. continues north along the water, but old US 99 turned onto the beginning of Pacific Highway and stayed a little more inland. Good thing, because Harbor Dr. ends up curving around to end on Point Loma.

Pacific Highway NB. The bike sign is just past the intersection, and while I didn't get a very legible photo of it, there is clearly a supplemental sign below with two different routes on it. The top arrow appears to be "BIKE XING," but I wouldn't swear to it.

Finally, something southbound! The old-font regulatory signs are also just past the intersection, but they fortunately came out.

Taylor St. EB, same place.

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