California Roads - Old CA 86/old US 99

Former CA 86, Harrison St. (Riverside Co.) and former US 99

SB button copy starting in Valerie. This was CA 86 until 2012, when it was moved onto the CA 86S expressway ("S" is CalTrans for "future") that had been completed in 2000, so any signs predating 2012 were intended for CA 86 mainline traffic.

I can therefore say this NB sign also dates to the CA 86 days.

Here's the stub southern end of the road that was cut off by CA 86S. You can see the expressway alignment coming in from the left.

With the south end cut off by Ave. 82, there needed to be a way to connect CA 86 over to its new alignment, and that role is fulfilled by Ave. 81. These photos are CA 86 SB where it turned left from 2000-2012, Harrison St. NB, and then east on Ave. 81 (briefly CA 86 SB). These signs likely date to the last days of button copy shortly before 2000; since this is the only street signed with it, I assume it was put up specifically for the CA 86 reroute.

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Modern CA 86

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