California Roads - Old US 80, San Diego/old Bus. I-8

Former US 80 and former Business I-8, San Diego
El Cajon Boulevard

All photos are westbound except for the first one.

An 80 in each direction.

This sign is overhead at Fairmount Ave., formerly US 395 and a brief expressway up to I-8 as a result. The sign is most certainly not that old, and has just enough errors to count: arrows above the shields, missing "INTERSTATE" legends, and the most egregious violation, the use of the I-15 shield when the freeway ahead is actually CA 15. It becomes I-15 to the north at I-8, but there's plenty of road left to the south.

Route shields on decommissioned routes are always rare finds. California has plenty of guide signs left that betray former routes, but generally route shields have been plucked off of the former highway itself. It may actually be easier to follow this former Business I-8 than some current ones, but I haven't spent much time on any of them to assess that.

Modern signs would be arranged differently, certainly without a line passiing through the shield, but I'm not complaining. And given the quality of Caltrans' recent offering, I'm actually begging them not to replace any signs for the time being. (Then again, I never want to see button copy disappear, so I'm clearly biased.)

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