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Former US 66/US 395, page 1

All photos are eastbound unless I say otherwise.

In the foreground, and passing by in the last photo, is the future I-210 EB ramp to I-215 SB. The future NB-WB ramp is in the background. Right now (as of April 2011), the CA 210/I-215 interchange only has movements to and from the north. This adds some southern movements that were part of the original interchange plan, with the remaining ones (to and from the east) served by the short CA 259 connector. Caltrans was hoping that this interchange would be the last obstacle to redesignating all of CA 210 as I-210, completing the plan behind originally truncating it off of CA 57.

Passing under the future NB-WB ramp. By 2012, both ramps were opened.

Devore Rd. NB, and old US 66/395 WB/SB at Devore Rd. Actually, despite this being nominally WB, it's facing east, so north is to the left. Try that on for confusion. There's no real reason to sign I-215 here, because as I mentioned on the main page, it only lasts for mile north of here. There's also no reason to have a button copy guide sign facing only this direction, because it's a dead end with the only connection coming from I-15 via I-215 SB. So why bother signing a U-turn so elaborately?

EB/NB on the short dead-end stub west of Devore Rd., or actually heading slightly west.

And WB. Who would see this sign?

Kenwood Ave. WB leaving the Devore Heights neighborhood of San Bernardino, and looking south from there along old US 66/395 WB/SB. The old EB/NB lanes have been allowed to slowly disappear thanks to most traffic being shifted to I-15, as has all of the road south of Kenwood. This absolves Caltrans of a lot of maintenance responsibility but reduces the coolness of the old road. The extra lanes weren't hurting anyone!

Looking north from Kenwood Ave. If you want to see more of the scenery in this area, check out the non-roads link at the bottom of the page.

At the first opportunity to the north, I head over to a short segment of the old road, looking WB/SB in the first photo and then driving EB/NB until I'm forced to return to the through road. Like many Midwest states, California has blocked off the old EB/NB lanes at regular intervals to prevent their use by joyriders or those who appreciate history.

Continuing east until I get another opportunity to jump into the EB/NB lanes. I also needed a bathroom break, and there's no one on the back road... No disrespect to US 66!

Looking back southwest, with the forced turn onto Kenwood Ave. in the far distance. Again, see the link at bottom for non-roads photos from this stop.

Turned eastward again. Imagine how this would have looked with dashed lane lines and no random breaks (or trees) in the pavement.

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