California Roads - Old US 101 - N of Agoura Hills

Former US 101 north of Agoura Hills

A short portion of Thousand Oaks Blvd. in the eponymous town is former US 101, while the rest of the route has been overlaid by the freeway. This is on that short portion, EB.

Head east on Camarillo Springs Rd. from US 101's Exit 50 and you'll find original US 101 concrete. The original concrete then exits onto a driveway. Follow the driveway.

This is as far as you'll get, but you get to enjoy the concrete without disturbance.

Back down the hill to public right-of-way.

I believe this Michael Summa photo is NB. I know it's on El Camino Real, former US 101, in Atascadero in 1976.

Courtesy Lou Corsaro, an old drawbridge on an old alignment (3rd St.) outside the Giants' ballpark in downtown San Francisco.

If you turn toward Confusion Hill in Leggett, go past it and find this stub of old US 101, Redwood Hwy.

Past CA 271, old US 101 follows Benbow Rd. over the South Fork Eel River on the 1934 Old Smith Point Bridge.

Looking back south at the bridge, the best view.

From a bend south of Benbow through Garberville on Redwood Dr., stopping before I hit the old alignments on CA 254 and 283.

Business US 101 SB bears right from Ross Hill Rd. in Fortuna. There's a regular US 101 assembly on the right, but I prefer the tiny sign on the left.

Eel River Dr. NB crosses under the railroad at Summer St. in Loleta.

It is difficult for me to describe the location of this sign. It's in the middle of the US 101/Humboldt Hill Rd. (Exit 701) interchange, but it doesn't face any traffic from either of those roads. Humboldt Hill Rd. has a trumpet interchange with two modifications: there's a left turn to a dead-end on the SB side of US 101, and there's two-way traffic on the ramp to NB US 101 as far as Severt Ln. (also a dead-end). If you were on Severt Ln., you would exit by heading south on what's otherwise a NB ramp. You would then be forced to turn right and "T" into the rest of Humboldt Hill Rd. to either head south into Humboldt Hill or north to US 101 SB. This sign faces that traffic coming from Severt Ln. Short version: It's for WB traffic coming from the NB ramp SB.

Two from Business US 101 NB in McKinleyville. The first is at it begins from the ashes of CA 200, with a U-turn ramp left for CA 200 WB-US 101 SB traffic.

Patricks Point Dr. NB and SB.

A jaunt on the creatively named Old State Highway on the east side of also creatively-named Freshwater Lagoon. I included the sign at Eris Ln. at the north end to prove it.

Old State Hwy. was blunted just short of where it tied back into modern US 101. This photo looks south from US 101 NB at that tie-in, which came from the right side of this photo.

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