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You won't find this by walking or driving former US 101, and it may never have been on or along that route, but it's now in the San Diego County Sheriff's Museum, which is housed in a building whose address is on San Diego Ave. It's a free museum, so even if you only care about seeing this one sign, it's worth going. (Having never seen a sheriff's museum before, I would say there are other reasons to go see it, but maybe this sort of thing is more common than I think.)

San Diego and south
San Diego CR S21
Ventura Blvd.
Los Angeles to Agoura Hills
North of Agoura Hills
 ~ Business US 101, Ventura
 ~ CA 271
 ~ CA 254
 ~ CA 283

K-218 NB in... San Diego. There are a variety of signs up at 2611 Congress St. and this is close enough to the road to act as a reassurance.

Modern US 101

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