California Roads - Misc.

Misc. Photos

California likes the pointy style. They also like "U.S." in their US route shields. Good for them.

Quite old street sign, and let's call the second one (courtesy Matt Kleiman) embossed for argument's sake.

Grand Ave. WB and EB in Ojai, west of Montgomery Street. Rather than disturb the natural flora, just build right around it! Although proper engineering would dictate that the road itself go around the tree, not just the pavement. Traffic calming taken too far?

Remaining photos are courtesy Michael Summa. The first two photos were taken in 1983, the rest in 1976.

This fraction will get anyone's attention. Seen on the grounds of Caltrans in Redding.

CA 89 NB exiting Lassen Volcanic National Park, about to join a multiplex.

Creative trolley sign in San Francisco.

Between Ventura and Malibu, near US 101.

Red lights add a splotch of color to California's curve warning sign.

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