California Roads - Old US 99 - Lebec

Former US 99, Lebec

Photos progress southward.

El Tejon School absorbed this old alignment off Lebec Rd. to serve its parking lot without having traffic whizzing by inches from teachers' vehicles.

Looking north and south from the south end of the concrete. In hindsight, I should have gone through the gates.

The next stretch of old concrete tails off into I-5, which Lebec Rd. now crosses on an overpass.

Looking back north at its divergence from the modern route.

Turn left to get to I-5 at Exit 207, and turn left again to either head north or access the east side of the freeway.

Borderless buttons on the WB sign crossing the freeway.

How many faces did Don Pedro have? One. Don Pedro Fages had one.

US 99 once became a divided highway on what's now just Ralph's Ranch Rd., an absurdly empty stretch of four-lane road next to the modern Interstate. Once in Gorman, it followed current I-5 south through Sierra Pelona, while the original route diverged east on Gorman Post Rd.

Another old alignment of an old alignment comes back in after briefly heading southwest on Falcon Way.

What's more, the new four-lane wasn't built exactly on the old alignment, so you get abandoned pieces up on the neighboring hillside north of Tejon Pass. The old road was slim but it's sturdy.

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