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La Jolla

La Jolla Scenic Drive NB, starting at Soledad Mountain Rd. The old bird logo (most likely a condor or eagle) doesn't lie - check out some of that scenery from way up high in La Jolla.

Via Capri NB at La Jolla Scenic Drive, but I never turned from the original road. What happened is that La Jolla Scenic Drive turns into a park entrance and then ends at the top of the Soledad Park hill. It completely disappears - no stubs or clearings - and then suddenly becomes a dead end out of nowhere to the right in this photo. Via Capri begins at the park entrance and ends just beyond this sign at a dead-end of its own, but does the job to connect the disjointed segments of the Scenic Drive.

Did I also mention that this La Jolla Pkwy. EB sign and the previous one on Via Capri are butt-ugly? The only appropriate elements I can find are that the FHWA typefaces and correct colors were used, and the border is appropriately all the way to the outside of the sign. They were presumably erected by San Diego, of which La Jolla is a part.

Much better. These EB signs were clearly installed by Caltrans as part of I-5/CA 52 interchange construction, and should stay here for many more years to come if only because the new signs are uniformly fraught with errors.

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