California Roads/Non-Roads - Old US 80/In-Ko-Pah Park

Former US 80, In-Ko-Pah Park

The roads segment of this page is just east of I-8 WB Exit 77 where the old highway crosses into Imperial County for the first time. (It used to weave around the line for a bit before continuing east, but has now been cut off by 8.) Most older county line or similar signs are either all button copy or all flat letters on non-reflective green, not this hybrid. This section of the old road was bypassed in the 1960s, and between the dry desert air and general lack of traffic, the white center stripe has been preserved 50 years later!

Something about old tourist attractions in the desert attracts the alien enthusiasts.

The 70' tall Desert View Tower was built in the 1920s by real estate developer Bert Vaughn, who owned the nearby community of Jacumba. It makes sense that he would have put up other stone buildings as well to try to develop this area similarly.

The view to the northeast: a cairn of rocks, some turbines of wind, and thou.

Click to read the history predating the tower.

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