California Roads - Old Bus. I-10 Indio/old US 99

Former Business I-10, Indio

All photos are eastbound (former US 99 SB) except "Indio Blvd" above, which is on Dillon Rd. SB (old Business I-10 WB).

I'm on the 1956 bridge over the railroad just south of I-10. The arches carrying WB traffic date to 1936, and I imagine US 99 crossed at grade before then. The reflectors buried in the bridge are probably newer than 1956, but they're too faded to confirm.

Get your button copy fix at Jefferson St.

Flipping sides, Indio Blvd. EB is now original US 99 on a 1925 bridge across Whitewater River, while the WB side is the 1956 span. (The 1925 bridge was reconstructed in 1955, which is why it looks identical.)

Pretty things to look at: the side of Clark's Auto Truck Stop and the median by Golf Center Pkwy.

Compare this sign, on the CalTrans-maintained CA 111 part of Indio Blvd., with the one atop the page in city maintenance. Pretty much everything is different. I like most of the elements of the latter, but the words "California" and "US" are not in the original block font to match the "99", for which I prefer the sign here.

The Little San Bernardino Mountains look over Indio to the north-northeast.

Continue south on old US 99 onto old CA 86 (Harrison St.)
Back north on old US 99 in Riverside County

Former parent I-10

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